Wednesday, December 19, 2012

C.Wonder Love

Hello Lovelies!

It’s WEDNESDAY, Hump day (
go ahead listen to the Humpty Dance song and get your Wednesday dance party on, I can wait!)

Anyways, I am super excited about today! Why you ask? Literally, just because!

Speaking of excited I was perusing the World Wide Web and stumbled upon a fantastic little jewel called C.Wonder!  After going completely gaga and pinning almost their whole site, I decided to post some things I simply love!

They have the most adorable home items and some awesome accessories, and I want them all! (Please Santa, I’ve been REALLY good!)

So here are the things I simply love from C.Wonder!

P.S. if you’re a Pinner,
first click here to follow this cool chick, then go back to C.Wonder and pin a few of their items and to get free shipping! How sweet is that?

Find these lovely items here at C.Wonder

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