Thursday, December 20, 2012

Organized Organizer

So you know that feeling when you KNOW you have something to do, and can’t remember it?  (You probably do, but just can’t remember it! HA!)  I HATE that feeling! That feeling of “something’s missing” drives me nuts!

So I decided in 2013 I was going to be more organized! My inspiration? This pretty little planner I picked up from Target! Now I know in this day and age of iPad’s and Androids there’s “an App” for this, but call me old fashion, I just simply love writing down my dates in a fancy book!

I found this beauty in a holiday bin, just shining away amongst the fluorescent lights, and she called out to me Psst! Hey Jayme! Take me home, Jayme! Let me help you get organized!” and so I did, and we have been best friends ever since!

I keep her in my purse and take her out the moment I get to my desk at work. Together we marked our dates, events and vacations through June.   But…something was still missing!  I still needed to make those events stand out, so I knew who would be where and when!

That’s when I met, Washi Tape! Say hello Washi (Hello lovelies - See Mr. Washi Tape is very polite!)


So me and my new two best friends joined together to make our amazing love child I like to call my “Organized Organizer” or (“OO” for short).

I picked a color of tape for every person in my life (Me, Mini and Mr.)

I also gave a color to when bills are due (rent, water, electric) and for when we will be out of town.

Then I put that key in the front of my planner for quick reference, so when I ask Mr. what we have to do next weekend, he can tell me! (My secret plan is to get him to carry an OO like mine one day! With his business, he DEFINITELY needs it!)

So that is my simple, easy way to get more organized and start the New Year off with a bang! 

How are you planning to get your life more organized in 2013?  Do any of you use washi tape to color code your life calendars?

Until next time lovelies, remember to Simply Love!



  1. Great idea!! I love being organized!!

    Barb :)

  2. Hi Barb! Thank you! I've seen some people do variations of this in the magical world of Pinterest, but I'm not really the "family home binder" type, so when I saw this beauty it seemed like a great idea!